UFOs Crash Land In China

Three UFOs fall from the sky to the ground early in the morning in Heilongjiang Province, located northeastern China. The incident prompted an investigation, according to China News Service.

It is reported that a metal, ball-shaped UFOs landed in villages at around 6am today in two counties administered by Qiqihar city. Some local people reported a fireball flashing across the sky and crashing to the ground, local government officials told the news agency.

One of the mysterious objects was found in a vegetable plot. Villagers managed to take photos with the strange spherical object. One of the photos shows a crashed object with a saw tooth structure around it.

Two other objects crash landed in another county and reported to appear the same to the one photographed in the first county. Authorities cordoned off the sites to carry a full investigation, according to the report.

In the latest development, Russia confirmed a crash of their Proton-M rocket carrying an Express-AM4R communications satellite above Kazakhstan’s territory on Friday, just around nine minutes after lift-off.

Russia assured that the fragments of the rocket and its cargo could not cause any damage. This increase speculations that the UFOs that crash landed in two Chinese counties are indeed extra-terrestrial in origin. However, some residents believe that the five UFOs spotted falling from the sky and landing in the villages early in the morning were parts of the rocket that could put anyone in danger.

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