UFO sightings in Loraine County, Ohio debunked

The alleged UFO sighting near Loraine County in Oberlin, Ohio on the night of May 24, 2014 which mystified many people has finally come to rest.

Many people who saw the flying object have no idea what it was, leaving them with chilling Goosebumps even people from 30 miles away. Many have seen the object flying in circles before fading out into the deep sky including a police officer and a NewsChannel5 reporter Paul Kiska. The crew of Loraine County Patrol Boat who happened to be on the watch at Lake Erie also couldn’t believe what their eyes saw on the Saturday night of May 24.

But before UFO enthusiasts drew their anticipated conclusion about the playful circling lights, a conclusive evidence finally surfaced. The lights going in circles, seen from the skies near Loraine and Rocky River, Ohio and Leamington, Ontario one Saturday night were lights coming from two planes flying one at a time for a pyrotechnic show near Oberlin, Ohio. Six acrobatic pilots were maneuvering the plane and illuminating the night sky with sparkling shimmering fireworks.

An official from Loraine County’s Sheriff’s office said that clear and unclouded skies enabled the flares from the pyrotechnic show visible from great distances.

A very enjoyable video was released earlier this month giving a perfect and clear picture of what the circling object looked like inside the perspective of the pyrotechnic show.

At last, everyone can now take their worries away for good. Thanks for the pretty good commentary done by the father and son tandem who shot the video.

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