UFO sightings above Houston, TX – August 2014

On the cloudy night of August 12th in the Houston area of Texas, a local resident spotted a circular disk-shaped object against the dark clouds. It seemed to be a UFO and witness immediately captured a few images of this unusual object. Many other people residing in the same area spotted this and were wondering about what it could be. However, it was not clearly visible at the first go, and the witness managed to see it, all thanks to his previous observation skills.

The apparent UFO’s images of that night were uploaded on various popular social networking websites the following morning. It became highly popular and people from everywhere in the world viewed these images. He also uploaded a video recording of the sighting on YouTube.

The Vice President for astronomy at the Houston Museum of Natural Science, Dr. Carolyn Sumners, who is presently investigating and writing a show based on UFOs reacted to the images uploaded and said that we should think about what the object was if it was not a UFO and only then, we will be able to ascertain on what the sighting could be.

Dr. Sumners also added that if more people were able to view the circular shaped disk from different places, it would be easy to determine what the object actually was. The sighting or appearance of the U.F.O. might have been the result of the bad weather prevailing in the area of Houston that night.

With no credible information from official channels or any other sources, U.F.O. researchers are still left wondering and as there are no further leads, the UFO sighting continues to remain a big mystery with continuous debates on if it was actually a U.F.O. or not.

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