Ghostbuster Turns Into Alien Hunter

It may not be surprising to know that former Ghostbuster Dan Aykroyd talks about paranormal, specifically ghost busting. But now he seems to be more interested on yet another paranormal topic; Aliens. It could be a suitable hobby for him considering that not long ago, he made himself as the original conehead.

Dan AykroydYes, it is very correct, as he spent some of his time to a fan in Attleboro, MA during a signing at a Liquor Store, talking about his paranormal investigations and where they lead him to. He shared literature and websites that he thinks can be used as research resources for aspiring UFO hunters. Dan even revealed about his UFO encounter above Martha’s Vineyard.

As of today, no one can give sound proof that humans are not alone in the universe. Even scientists involve in various government projects in the universe still have yet to find evidence that life exists somewhere else aside from Earth. Statistically speaking, it seems very possible that life also present on other planets considering the vastness of the universe. However, if life out there is more intelligent and advance than human beings, aliens might have been chosen not to be noticed by humans to properly observe the people on Earth. Do you believe Dan Aykroyd? Share us your thoughts in the comment section.

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