Forest Fire Video Coverage Shot In Vancouver Catches Two Apparent UFO Anomalies

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A video intended to cover a forest fire outside of Vancouver, British Columbia accidentally shows interesting scenes aside from firefighting efforts., a Western Canada-based news organization, posted a video reportedly shot in West Kelowna, located in northeast of Vancouver, showing a massive effort to put an end to the Smith Creek Wildfire.

Unexpectedly, the video also shows mysterious bright object moving fast from left to right behind clouds over the fire area. The news site featured the description given by someone who discovered the strange aerial object in the video.

According to the witness, the UFO appears at 37 seconds into the video as it appears from the cloud over the mountain and passes through the next cloud. The unknown aerial object left a thin trail of cloud vapor upon exiting the cloud. This is the reason the witness believes that the UFO is not a camera lens artifact or any effect of light phenomenon.

The entire UFO activity is not shown in the video as it lasts only a few seconds and the scene cuts away while the mysterious aerial object is still visible. The witness assumes that there must be more video than what he just saw.

So, the witness contacted the news department of the website to request a full footage, but it was disapproved. The witness believes that the reason for disapproval was because of mentioning the word UFO.

No official word yet about the UFO, but OpenMinds.TV asked the photo/video expert at Mutual UFO Network, Marc Dantonio, about the video. He suggests the aerial object could have been a very bright meteor known as a bolide streaking through the atmosphere of Earth. He explained that the speed and the vapor trail are consistent with Earth-grazers.

In similar video footage, YouTube user Joe Edwards points out another discovery as it appears that another interesting scene may have been overlooked.

Edwards invites the attention of viewers on the 32-second mark of the video wherein something dark can be observed flying very fast from right to left across the screen. The mysterious thing appears to slip behind trees and a telephone post.

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