A UFO Spins Above An Iceberg

A video shows an apparent UFO that hovers over an iceberg in eastern Canada. It was uploaded recently to the Internet. The man who shot the video says that he noticed the UFO while driving around Salvage, Newfoundland and Labrador. He looked at the iceberg and saw what appeared to him a chunk of ice just barely attached to the tip of an iceberg. So, he grabbed the camera, hoping to catch it collapse. When he zoomed in, he saw a white object unattached to the iceberg, span around and changed shape.

In the comment section of the video, some believe that it was the upper portion of the iceberg and the view of the witness was just obstructed. However, the witness answers that the weather was clear, ruling out the possibility that fog was covering part of the iceberg. Another commenter says the witness’ view was obstructed by extraterrestrial, particularly a UFO with its cloaking device on, and as a result the middle part of the iceberg was blocked. Others point out that it was a flag but the witness asserts that he saw the object spinning around.

The National Snow and Ice Data Center has explanation about the mysterious hovering UFO. According to the center, it is a type of mirage known as a Fata Morgana that appears because of temperature inversion. This weather condition happens when cold air lies near to the ground with warmer air over it. Cold air bends light towards the witness on the ground since cold air is denser than warm air. So, the condition changes how a distant object appears. Distant objects may appear like they are floating above their actual position. One great example with this is the boat that looks like it is floating in the sky. Also, superior mirages can make an object below the horizon visible.

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  1. There’s another shining orb which appears to the right of the screen at the end which falls into the sea

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