United States Government Destroys Democracy


“Government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth” An admired phrase that Abraham Lincoln justified to humanity might soon be out of fit because we are at the brink of eradicating the real essence of democracy.

Conspiracy theories exists. World elites are hijacking the sovereign power of the people in electing the right leaders whom we entrust power to shape and direct us into a common good. But what if the leaders that we have chosen are being overthrown by foreign forces that wanted to drive the power into their own hands? These acts unfold right in front of your face without even noticing the malicious intentions of the people behind it.

Think about these three incidents of the destruction of democracy around the world. You may also use them to slap yourself straight in the face and snap back into reality.

The Ukraine Crisis is undoubtedly provoked by outside forces to make way for US, EU and NATO interest in the country. The US Government has already pumped $5 billion dollars into the funding of Ukrainian opposition to overthrow their elected president Victor Yanukovych, after declining to sign an agreement with the European Union. The ousted president who wanted to strengthen its relationship with Russia was forced to give up the country just to stop the violence due to western-funded fake revolution. We might see the beautiful country of Ukraine torn in half in the coming future.

Egypt’s Military General Abdul Fattah al Sisi now sit as president after successfully ousting the country’s president Muhammed Morsi, a leader from the Muslim Brotherhood. A photograph with U.S. Secretary John Kerry with the general turned president clearly exhibits the United States support in dislodging Egypt’s first freely elected president.

Thailand just met its 19th uprising in 82 years and the only resort they could find to settle the tension a bit lies underneath a martial law ruled governance by coup leader Gen. Prayuth Chan-Ocha who has given no clear timetable. Governance of Thaksin Shinawatra who is loved and supported by the north and northeast regions of Thailand – the poorest areas in the country – is successfully brought to an end. The United States government said martial law is just right for Thailand’s constitution. Thailand’s release from martial law is something that the U.S. is backing-off. Perhaps to let people suffer first and turn their back away from their beloved Shinawatra regime.

The world elites are funding these revolutions. Staging revolutions and rigging elections of false candidates who will give us false hopes and above all, false dreams. They are doing this to keep the masses in line and have a better control over us.

The U.S. government is demolishing the democracy as the clock counts every second. Do not get fooled. Take these examples, slap yourself and wake up. Now is the time to open your eyes.

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