The Bilderberg Group Reveals Conference Agenda For The First Time?

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Very secretive Bilderberg Group has surprisingly revealed some of the conference agendas for this year. Clarity of the conference was never given to the public before. This action of the Bilderbergers raised the eyebrows of many people who follow every footstep of the elite organization and started a lot of conspiracy talking.

An item in the publicized list is a debate session with the theme “Does Privacy Exist? ”, which can be a little funny because there are a plenty of people who wanted to know Bilderberg’s biggest secrets such as whether or not the Bilderberg group wanted to push the concept of a “New World Order” that Bilderberger Lord Denis Healey commented on as “exaggerated, but not entirely unfair.” Whether or not they are planning to exterminate almost 90% of the world’s 7 billion population to preserve the earth’s non-renewable resources, the Bilderberg’s answer to that would probably be “Does Privacy Exist? ” Let them do the planning, besides they will most likely let us know when it’s extermination time already.

The released agenda includes topics such as “The future of democracy and middle-class trap,” “The contemporary structures of the Middle East” and the “Ukraine” crisis.

There is a complete and confirmed attendance list available on the Internet for 2014’s conference and as always, powerful names in the world are present all together. Of course, America will not miss the conference as the United States also have a delegation of influential names such as Keith B. Alexander, ex-chief of United States Cyber Command and former director of the National Security Agency. Also, Henry A. Kissinger, Chairman of Kissinger Associates, Inc. And the famous Eric E. Schmidt, Executive Chairman of Google incorporated and many more. Just imagine a total of 140 world leaders, richest people, industry owners, along all powerful people of the world are well gathered in one room, what are these people up to?

The 2014 Bilderberg Group Conference venue at the Marriot Hotel in Copenhagen, Denmark is again sealed off from the public and anyone who dares to attempt an unwarranted infiltration will be dealt with an iron hand, just like what they use to do. In fact, two InfoWarriors guys who tried to ambush the conference organizers were arrested. A couple who have been seen speaking with the InfoWarriors who got arrested was forced to check out from the hotel by the security as well.

Let’s just say the heavy security is to secure the safety of the elites gathering in the venue, but what are they hiding from the public for the past decades? What are they discussing in the previous meetings? Is the Bilderberg conference just a typical conference? What are they hiding if there is anything to hide? Bilderbergers answer to that would again probably be “Does Privacy Exist? ”

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