New World Order Orchestrators Sketches World War III


A secret society is sketching World War III and their masterpiece will soon be unleashed just like the previous wars they orchestrated.

History has it that the clash of weapons arise when a supreme country imposes control over other countries boundaries and resources and an uprising starts, causing the economy to become very unstable. Shortage of food supply impacts price and shoots the inflation rate sky high. Hunger, thirst and death are popularized almost like a Hollywood film, but are these things the roots for war to emerge? Or are these things already the initial effects of a secret scheme?

Now the questions that lie ahead are when will World War III begin? Has it started already? Who are the orchestrators of this conspiracy? The answer gets another question. Who has control of the money of the entire world?

The Wall Street, the World Bank, and the richest people who are behind them takes control the wealth and the economy of each sovereign state in the world. World financial sectors have benefited from many previous wars through debts. Each country in the world is under an obligation to the World Bank, and this debt becomes the banker’s power to control and manipulate a country whose principal obligations are exceeded by its interests. These bankers are also thought to be under the not so secret society known today as the Illuminati. This fellowship of elites is known to have links to all of the giant industry of the world from finance, Politics to Music and Media, etc.

The Illuminati along with other secret society were disbanded by the Bavarian government for plotting a massive overthrow of Europe’s monarchies in the early 1830’s. Giuseppe Mazzini an average rank mason who founded the Mafia in 1860 has taken actions to revive the formally disbanded Illuminati and bring about what he calls “One World Order” and his enticing ideology Albert Pike binds to the same vision. Pike who is an active founder of a Luciferian Society helped Mazzini to assemble the secret society. Adriano Lemmi a Florence banker was appointed to head the Brotherhood after Mazzini’s death and succeeded by Lenin, Trotsky, and Stalin. The International Banks supported the activities of the Illuminati, which is under the ruling by the Rothschild family of Switzerland, home of the world’s largest bank.

Before Mazzini’s death, Pike has written a letter to Mazzini with outlined plans for three World Wars to make their vision of “One World Order” a reality.

World War I will permit destruction of the power of the Czars in Russia making the country an atheistic Communist. Communism will be biting at the end of the war in order to weaken the religions and take over weaker form of governments.

World War II’s purpose is to destroy the Nazis and to strengthen political Zionism and balance Christendom with atheistic Communism.

The shocking part of the letter is the fact that, it has an exact outline of how World War III would look like which correctly predicted events that are already happening today. The ending World War will be the key to their visions. Political Zionists and the Islamic World leaders will ruin each other and nations will be more divided, and there will be a complete moral, spiritual, physical and economic depression. Nihilists and atheists will emerge, and a formidable social cataclysm will begin. After the 9/11 attack the instability of the relationship between Christendom and Islamic countries became critical and from that point the conflict between the two religions exacerbated. The picture worsens day by day as there is still more to come forward.

World War III will begin the “New World Order” and the rule of the Illuminati over the world will be eventually a reality.

The recipe of warfare is almost cooked to serve the world with a taste of the New World Order If this happens, who do we move on to for our salvation?

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