Dutch government official is suspended for exposing ISIS as a Zionist Propaganda in her Tweeter post

“ISIS – The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria has nothing to do with Islam. It is a planned propaganda used by Zionist occupied government to poison people’s impression about Islam” said Yasmina Haifi on her twitter post.

Yasmina Haifi is now discharged in taking office as the Project Manager of the Cyber Security Center for the Dutch government. Haifi’s tweet caused serious security concerns for the justice ministry. Statements from a country about sensitive matters like the notorious Islamist ISIS who is spreading terror across the land must be thought through very carefully by any government before being carried out into public. The notorious Islamist group as we know today has already killed hundreds of people and every day a new terror plot takes place coming from their hands. ISIS is spreading fear across the world for their brutal and inhumane actions, they are considered today as the world’s enemy and everyone who sides with the enemy is considered as a liability as well.

Yasmina HaifiJustice Minister Ivo Opstelten announced that Haifi will no longer be returning to her former function, though she has already removed her post on the social media site, she will not ever going back. Even he was shocked by Haifi’s post. Her statement was an irresponsible action and is incompatible with the responsibilities given to her by the government. She is removed because she is unworthy for the job. Opstelten added.

In the Netherlands, a series of protests happened during the past months. The protest featured ISIS flags; they hurled stones at riot police, and they featured calls to kill Jewish people. Haifi’s comments came while this issue is at heights. Opstelten said that the Haifi’s statement about the crisis can no longer be viewed as anyone’s personal belief, as a civil servant she should have known better the results of such idea being posted in public domain.

As of now, Yasmina Haifi is forced to take the consequences of her actions. Whether her statement is based on accurate evidence or just a mere idea of her rational mind, nothing will ever change; ISIS will still be a feared Islamist group, and the Zionists will still remain safely hidden by their well-organized lies.

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  1. Well, she wouldn’t have been fired if she hadn’t hit on the truth…

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