White Lady in the Elevator Baffles Rockford Police Officers


Police received a call about the presence of a white lady on an elevator that was moving up and down with no one else inside. The event entirely happened across the street from a place famous for ghost activity.

It registered in the scanner; Coronado in the elevator. The scanner keeps going up and down in the elevator. Whether they’re struck or something more mysterious.

These are the words that left Rockford, Illinoise Police Officers baffled. It was a call made by a woman seeking for possible answers as to what was the reason behind the strange movement of the elevator in a Rockford parking garage as it kept going up and down.

Elevator going up and down without anyone inside is just ordinary in this haunted place, but last week, something more mysterious prompted a police call. This time, the report says that there was somebody onboard on the elevator but not the usual individual. The mysterious passenger in the elevator was wearing all white, according to the witness.

The ghostly sighting took place outside a very well-known haunted Coronado Theater. Kathi Kresol, Haunted Rockford Tour Guide, said that the reported white lady has some validity.

She said that it is very strange to see a woman in all white at the Coronado, so that made her to believe that perhaps something could possibly be there. Kresol added that Coronado is surrounded with a lot of ghosts.

She said that the former owners of the building, the Van Matres, really loved the building and this could be the reason why they are still staying. Some claimed to have seen smoking cigarettes or dancing on stage, but little has known about the lady in white. Because of this, Kresol said that she is willing to move across the street. Kresol doesn’t think that a ghost is necessarily tied to one place.

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