Vintage Looking Man Shows Up In France’s Largest German Cemetery

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A teenage boy from Leamington Spa believes that he managed to capture a photo of a guardian ghost at France’s Great War cemetery on his phone.

Fourteen-year old Mitch Glover was in a school trip at the Neuville-St Vaast German war cemetery, located close to Arras in northern France. He took the photo of the apparent ghost while on the site, but he did not know right away that he captured an unusual image in one of his photos. He only noticed the strange figure in the picture when he scanned his shots at home.

Mitch saw a figure of man wearing the Scottish regiment uniform in one of his shots using the iPhone. He snapped a couple of photos at the area in quick succession. The war cemetery is located near Aras, the place where bloody battles of World War I took place a hundred years ago. Number 3 of the successive black-and-white photos is where a ghostly white figure can be noticed. The apparent ghostly image seems to watch over the grave markers.

Mitch’s family got curious about the figure, so they have done a couple of research and eventually learned about the kilt and Tam o’Shanter uniform of the historic Seaforth Highlander, which believed by the family to resemble the ghostly figure in one of the photos.

Neuville-St Vaast contains 44, 833 burials, making it the biggest German cemetery in France. It is located just few meters away from Nine Elms military cemetery, which is widely known as the place where twelve N.C.O’s and men of the 114th Seaforth Highlanders were buried.

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  1. It is a well known fact that ghost applications for phones are available and are regularly used as an attempt to fool people. I believe that this is a fake.

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