Paranormal Activity Caught On Cam Inside A General Store

Objects moving without any normal reason is common claim by people living, working or visiting in a haunted location. Most paranormal investigators or enthusiasts will be thrilled to see something move on its own, perhaps next to being physically touched by a spirit. Whether it be something thrown by invisible entity or door closing without any reason, paranormal enthusiasts would love to experience either of this creepy stuff.

Employee Heidi Boyd was the only person in the store when she heard a smashing glass. As she went to look what was happening, she saw a broken plate on the floor.

In the video, plates and other items are clearly seen on the countertop and all of a sudden one of the plates moves and falls but nothing else seems to move slightly.

Skeptics have suggested the entire thing was manipulated and planned but store officials claim that this is not the only paranormal activity that has happened at Ellacoya Country Store.

The store manager Lisa Giles said that a ghostly man was noticed standing in a doorway during the first store opening. Another employee reported hearing a whistling man when no one was around.

Store owner Steve Buzzota admitted that the video lured some curious customers but insisted that the video was real and definitely not staged. Boyd brought her frustration to her Facebook saying that she was frustrated by allegations that the video was staged.

Doug Hogate, Jersey Unique Minds Paranormal Society Founder and CEO, believes that the video is showing a poltergeist activity. Hogate explained that a person experiencing a change in life or going through something big is prone to be attached by poltergeists. He said that while the intense activity can be experienced or witnessed by many people, it only happens when that person is present.

Hogate said that poltergeist activity is not the same with the famous 1980s film of the same name. The activity will just stop for a while, according to Hogate. He added that poltergeist activity is the most intense type of haunts and can be sometimes mistaken as demonic activity. But paranormal experts and enthusiasts agree that demonic activity takes more investigations and considerations to prove it as such. So, was there a poltergeist in the general store? What do you thing about the video?

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