The Conspiracy On Marijuana Prohibition


The effect of legal weed in Colorado is now materializing and one might wonder why this thing has been so persecuted like Jews for 2,000 years.

Marijuana madness started in North America around 80 years ago with the passage of the anti-cannabis laws in Texas as ways to control Mexican immigrants, but the persecution already happened much earlier.

The irony of it is that history books do not mention stoners domesticated horses and invented the wheel some 10,000 years ago when cannabis and man got together around Ukraine and soon hemp-covered wagons were moving the silk road and over the Khyber Pass, putting down hemp seeds along the way.

Then Temples rose along these trails, serving hot milk and cannabis as a sacrament and medicine. These temples were instrumental in forming a new idea of a single great spirit that united everything. The revolutionary idea served as an altar that made the roles of gods, goddesses, angels and demons.

From east to west, the idea quickly spread and soon threatened the dominance of Roman Empire, an oligarchy controlled by elite families. However, oligarchy’s sorcerers did their amazing magic spell. They constituted the one-god idea while eliminating the true sacrament. They also invented lots of dogmas to help keep the oligarchy in power. Everyone that has connection to the word cannabis was being dragged before the Inquisitor General, even Francois Rabelais had to use code to refer the plant in order to avoid persecution, despite of being the leading alchemist and doctor of his time.

When the U.S. government slammed a hammer on cannabis eighty years ago, a small group in New Orleans refused to stop using it in ceremonies. Probably it helps them perform better. These few people set down the foundation for jazz, blues, folk, rock and hip hop in Congo Square, a place many people consider the real Mecca of North America. The dramas of cannabis prohibition appear over and over again.

The Inquisition started with the appearance of the Society of Smokers in Southern France and Northern Italy, who initiated the creation of first secular sheet music, something that made the Vatican furious, which held a patent on the music. For unknown reason, the Society of Smokers were nowhere to be found even in the history books. The good thing is that few scraps of sheet music still exist.

The Society of Smokers and pioneers of Congo Square in New Orleans were both cannabis users. They used cannabis to enhance their minds and elevate their music. Furthermore, the Congo Square demonstrated a culture that has utilized music as a tool to put an end of marijuana prohibition and War in Vietnam.

A great remembering and re-awakening will soon be all over the land. The prohibition of cannabis was indeed a conspiracy and the next mission to take is to dismantle the war for a profit conspiracy.

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