Water Should Be Privatized and Should Not Be A Human Right

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Are all humans have the right for a free water or it should be treated as a product that belongs to major companies? Is it just right that poor who don’t have the capacity to buy water suffer from starvation? Former chief executive officer (CEO) and now chairman of one of the world’s largest food product manufacturers says that every drop of water on Earth should be owned by corporations and people can’t have any amount of water unless they pay up.

The company receives a lot of criticisms but it continuous to send several defenders of its actions online in message boards and comments. It even takes a very strong stance through the former CEO of Nestle comparing Monsanto’s GMOs and their apparent proven safety. He says that his own idea of water privatization is very the same to Mosanto’s GMOs. Peter Brabeck-Letmathe, Nestle’s chairman, notes that GMOs consumption causes not even one illness.

Critics of the idea of water privatization have labelled Peter as sociopath who puts no regard to human race outside the development of Nestle and his own wealth. Nestle itself has been criticized for completely damaging water supply in rural areas as it extracts groundwater for its water products without any compensation.

According to Corporate Watch report, Nestle and former CEO Brabeck-Letmathe have long been known of neglecting public health and abusing the environment that resulted to an amazing $35 billion annual profit from sales of water bottle alone.

The report adds that mineral water production of Nestle led to depletion and long-term damage of Brazil’s Serra da Mantiqueira, used to be the home of several water circuits rich in minerals and medicinal properties.

Nestle is also criticized of supporting slavery. Corporate Watch says that Nestle bought cocoa from Ghana and Ivory Coast, which may have produced through child slavery. In BBC investigative report, thousands of children from Togo, Burkina Faso, and Mali were being bought from very poor parents and shipped to the Ivory Coast to be sold again as slaves in cocoa farms.

So, should water be made available for free as part of human right or big corporations should own it? Some say if water is not for all humans, then air should be owned by large companies as well.

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