Industries That Contributed Much To State Politics In America

Corporate campaing contributions

Corporate campaing contributions, 2012 election cycle

State and local elections in the U.S. have been allowing big business to fork out big amount of money for political campaigns accros the country. Knowing the top industries when it comes to campaign contributions in the 2012 election cycle will let you follow the money in your state.

The website published data on industries that provided the most amount of money to state-level campaign donors for the election cycle. Mapping the industries with the exclusion of ballot initiatives and party PACS and only limited to the top business in each state (unions, law firms and nonprofits excluded since political giving from them can be associated with range of industries) would give clear report on corporate campaign contributions in 2012 cycle.

It is important to note that there are contributions coming from individuals and the industry or occupation of that individual is not necessarily associated to their giving. It is possible for instance in health category the donations are coming from hospital chains and personal contributions of nurses and doctors.

The map is easier to read as industries are grouped under a single color. The “real estate” for example, includes donations from groups and individuals connected to sale of buildings and construction.

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