Some Secret Parts of Area 51 Recorded On Video

area 51

Sometimes it is easier to achieve a dream when you are not planning it. This is what the tourist driver and his four passengers experienced when they fulfill what many people have fantasized; touring around the restricted part of Area 51.

The driver and his passengers passed beyond the allowable area in the highly secured military facility and got a look at the restricted part. However, they did not know that they achieved a milestone in their lives. The entire incident was recorded on video.

This video could be the first one to surface showing a group of people passed beyond the allowable line of Area 51. The facility is known to have the most rigid security in the world with the installation of motion detectors, high-tech cameras and military personnel believed to be equipped with special monitoring device.

The secrecy of the military base was broke down when news reports about it widely spread through the media. The military has been saying that the very strict security is due to the fact that it is still highly favored for classified military projects.

Adventure Photo Tours co-owner Donna Tryon says they ensure that their passengers know the limitation on their Area 51 tour and that is not to go beyond the allowable line. However, their driver Denis Ryan happened to take his passengers to the restricted part of Area 51 and the incident was recorded inside and out. The video shows Ryan and his passenger tourists having a good time while ignoring the danger of zipping towards the edge of the military base.

The unplanned intrusion happened when the driver did not notice that he passed the warning signs when he was distracted answering the question by one of the tourists about sports books. After around 45 seconds, Ryan started to realize that they were not passing the usual route.

Less than two minutes after crossing beyond the line, the passengers told Ryan that a white truck was right behind them. A man from a passenger seat got out from the truck in military uniform equipped with fully automatic rifle.

Ryan says that the military men informed him their violation. The tourists inside the vehicle thought it was just part of the tour and the military men just played their part as actors. They just knew that they were wrong when Ryan apologized to them and said that behind them were Men in Black.

The driver and the passengers were cited for trespassing and given court dates. They were expected to fine at least $650 each and a misdemeanor conviction. Good thing the whole incident was caught on video and Will Tryon with the help of Lincoln County District Attorney Dan Hogue proved to DA that the entire thing was not intentional.

The DA dropped the charges against the passengers but driver Denis Ryan still has to pay for the violation. Ryan is now barred for a minimum of two years. The DA also ordered that the video taken by the van’s forward camera should not be made public.

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