Edward Snowden – The man who shook the intelligence community

Edward Snowden is presently being charged with espionage by the U.S. government for copying 1.7 million governments’ secret documents and is presently under the sanctuary of the Russian government.

Snowden now defends himself against critics who name him as a low-level hacker or a systems administrator, terms that he claimed to be misleading and which he contradicted.

Snowden told in an interview with anchor Brian Williams of Nightly News that he worked at “high levels” for the CIA and NSA. He functioned as a technical specialist who set up systems and methods for maintaining the safety of people and information in the riskiest territories around the world. He was also trained as a spy to do undercover work in other countries. He was instructed to use different names and pretended to work with a ghost profession to make NSA’s highly classified projects possible.

One of confidential conspiracy documents that Snowden acquired during his work in NSA was a collection of phone and Internet information from U.S. citizens and wiretapped communications from foreign leaders. The story behind the indiscriminate spying by the United States was disclosed to the public by New York journalist Glenn Greenwald last year that shook the entire intelligence community of the United States.

The secret intelligence program of the United States is now exposed to foreign countries, and the unmasking started by one man – Edward Snowden, became a worldwide protest against the surveillance of the U.S. government. Many of Snowden’s critics tagged him as a traitor for his actions that caused so much damage in the relationship of the United States to overseas affiliates. Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany and Brazil’s president Dilma Rousseff were highly infuriated after knowing that such acts are done to them. Both condemned the U.S. for unjustified surveillance.

The CIA and NSA are willing to trade Snowden’s welfare to return home in exchange for the remaining undisclosed documents that are still in Snowden’s possession whose exact location today is still unknown.

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