Area 51 facts you probably did not now

Area 51

Area 51 is one of the most restricted places in America and probably in the whole world. And a lot of conspiracy theories about this place. We still don’t know a ton of things about Area 51, but thanks to the efforts done by Jeffrey T. Richelson of the National Security Archives for submitting a Freedom of Information Act request that was granted by the CIA. We can now indulge ourselves into a load of newly disclosed documents about Area 51.

Did you know that Area 51 is not the official name of Area 51? Weird isn’t it? According to the CIA, the official name used to site the facility in the Mojave Desert is Groom Lake or Nevada Test and Training Range.

f-117Contractors and workers there has to sign under a strict code of secrecy which imposes corresponding penalties if violated, to make sure that not a single pair of lips would dare disclose Area 51’s well guarded secrets and protect the classified operations of the facility. However, there are still insiders who could not keep their mouths shut. Take for example Robert Lazar who turned public in a T.V. interview in 1987. He is reputed to have worked in a secret base called S-4 not too far from Area 51. His revelation of what is going on inside Area 51 is astonishing. He revealed interesting details about alien technology and projects that he had come across while he was still working in reverse engineering an unknown flying machine that uses a strange kind of propulsion system which allow space travel to be almost achievable.

Facilities and buildings were constructed entirely covered with walls, not a window to peek in other working quarters. No one can just access to floors and areas without the necessary level of authority as all of the work have their own designated clearance and security levels.

Did you know that the F-117 Nighthawk took its first flight at the runway of Area 51 as early as December 1978? This information is not accessible until the 2005 FOIA request. That is how stern Area 51 is in safeguarding every operation that they handle.

JanetThere are two common ways to transport people to and from Area 51. First is via unmarked JANET passenger aircraft operated by the United States Air force. Roughly, around 1000 people are transported from the Nevada National Security Site at Las Vegas McCarran International Airport to Area 51 every day. The second mode of transport is through a white bus that enters the facility around 8:30 AM.

Meanwhile, Area 51 has shown a very tranquil atmosphere for the past few decades. As always, everyone who takes a step closer to the most regulated area of the world is immediately seized by the military. Something mysterious is possibly working behind Area 51’s perimeter fences that they want to be seen only in closed quarters.

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