Traces On the Existence Of Lizard People Could Be Found Under Los Angeles City


People used to the environment of busy Los Angeles may not realize the city’s hustle and bustle of modern day. However, there may be something bigger that they even not realize at all. In what could have been a major breakthrough, the busy American city might stand above a lost city of catacombs filled with an unimaginable amount of treasure and preserved records of human races that are far advanced in technology and intellect than even the highest type of modern day people.

Geophysical engineer G. Warren Shufelt now very determined to unearth the lost city below Forth Moore Hill and the secrets of the Lizard People. Shufelt and some assistants have already driven a 250 feet shaft into the ground of downtown Los Angeles wherein the shaft’s mouth being on the old Banning property at North Hill street, above North Broadway and Sunset Boulevard in a belief that a maze of catacombs and golden tablets are to be discovered.

Shufelt discovered about the Lizard People when his radio X-ray led him at the foot of Mt. Washington, extending from the West Fifth to Southwest Museum.

Shufelt said that he knew he was over a pattern of tunnels and mapped out the specific location of large rooms scattered throughout the tunnel as well as the location of gold deposits, but he still don’t have an idea on the meaning of his discovery.

According to the legend, Lizard People are more advanced both in intellect and technology than people in the modern world. The discovery by Shufelt may reveal one of three lost cities on the Pacific Coast, which the Lizard People dug after a big catastrophic incident happened 5000 years ago.

Legend says that the legendary catastrophe was in the form of a very large tongue of fire from Southwest. The fire destroyed everything in its path, which was hundreds of miles wide. The lost cities underground were created as hiding places for similar catastrophic event.

Legend states that “Lizard People did not use pick and shovel in making the tunnels but a very powerful chemicals. Large rooms were occupied by thousands of families and their food supplies were stored in the catacombs for them to survive for very long time if fire swept over the Earth.”

Legend says that the Lizard People created a key room which served as a directory to all parts of the underground city and record tablets. It states that all records were kept on gold tablets, which were four feet long and fourteen inches wide.


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