Geologist Claimed A Space Alien Worked For the U.S. Government

The man in front is said to be Valiant Thor, a benevolent alien from Venus who worked with the U.S. government. The photo was presented by Phil Schneider, who said he met the alien while working on secret government operations, at the 1995 Preparedness Expo.

Phil Schneider, who was a UFO whistleblower, has made controversy with his claims about aliens, particularly an alien he called Valiant Thor.

Schneider claimed that Valiant Thor was from Venus and looked like a human being, but with some key physiological differences. Thor worked for the U.S. government in the 1950s as alleged by geologist and engineer Schneider, who said he had access to some secret government projects. Schneider further claimed that he was part of the workforce who built underground military bases and Area 51, famous for alien experimentation and UFO technology reverse engineering theories.

There have been military personnel who talked about aliens, but they were not taken seriously by the public and some people even described the so-called space alien witnesses as mentally challenged people or liars. However, after watching Schneider’s videos, many people started to believe him, including Veterans Today senior editor Gordon Duff, who referred Schneider as a UFO whistleblower.

On 17th of January 1996, Schneider was found dead in his apartment and investigators concluded that he committed suicide. However, some are suspicious about the cause of his death considering his controversial revelations of so-called government secrets.

Dr. Frank Stranges, author of the book “Stranger at the Pentagon”, [Amazon link] has supported Schneider’s claim on the existence of Thor. Stranges discusses his meeting with Thor in the book.

Schneider introduced Thor during a lecture at Preparedness Expo in 1995 by showing his alleged picture which Schneider claimed was taken in 1943. He said that Thor had a huge heart, a large lung, copper oxide blood, and six fingers on each hand. He added that Thor had 1200 IQ, could fluently speak up to 100 languages and could live up to 490 years.

Dr. Stranges further described Thor as 6 feet tall alien, weighing 185 pounds with brown eyes and brown wavy hair. He revealed that former US presidents Dwight Eisenhower and Richard Nixon had also met with the space alien. Former U.S. Government Consultant Timothy Good, who has been very vocal about the existence of extraterrestrials, also confirmed the meeting between Eisenhower and aliens.

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