Extraterrestrial Habitation Plan Prepared by the US Navy in 1998

Think about a world where aliens and humans live in harmony and peace, sharing practically every aspect of life here on earth. Certainly, it would look very weird to our eyes because a community of aliens among us still probably need a higher degree of consciousness for mankind literally to accept that side of reality.

But as indicated by former Assistant Secretary of the Department of Housing and Urban Development Catherine Austin Fitts in her interview, the United States Navy have already planned for alien occupancy among us as early as 1998. She said that the Navy directed the Arlington Institute – a Non-Government Organization near the Pentagon where Fitts is Board of Directors – to initiate extraterrestrial habitation plans to help the Navy’s operations for the future of alien and human existent.

Catherine stated that she was requested by the head of Arlington Institute Mr. John Peterson to assist him on the preparation of a “high-level strategic plan”. She participated in the institutes meeting in 1999 and was able to meet high ranking personnel and even the Undersecretary of the US Navy himself. She was also offered an opportunity to meet an alien face to face, but she dismissed that only moment in her life to know if we are truly not alone.

Albeit the chance to meet the most important alien evidence already out of reach, Fitts is still confident that she has enough evidence to support her claim but Peterson; president of the Arlington Institute absolutely denied Fitts claims in an e-mail. A following e-mail from Joe Firmage, an Arlington Institute board member, also denied Fitts statements and was adamant that she had contrived the entire story. With two members of the Institute already discrediting Fitts statements, Fitts releases a document on her website on the official minutes of the Board of Directors meeting on March 26, 1999 that confirmed key elements of her claims.

The meeting actively talked about plans how to best prepare the public for extraterrestrial contacts and existence disclosures. One clever move from Fitts that will later force Peterson to change his former statement regarding Fitts. The minutes of the meeting clearly state that John Peterson had been approached (Undersecretary of the US Navy) about the Institute’s interest in publishing a study done by Pickford and Lindemann in the subject of extraterrestrials. After the conference, it was generalized that the study would be perfect for the work that the Institute currently holds. Although the study of Kyle Pickford and Michael Lindemann was not properly identified in the official minutes of the meeting, documentation of Pickford and Lindemann’s workshops could be found online.

Their workshop was funded by the International Space Sciences Organization and one was called “Contact Planning”. Participants were divided into five different groups which are media/public, government, science, religion and business. The group will then role-play possible behavioral response of the group they represent in eight separate alien contact scenarios. The two most common results from each of the group are (a) tells the public about the truth straight away and (b) prepares to communicate or negotiate in a friendly and collective manner, whether extraterrestrials are unfriendly.

If Arlington Institute has been appointed by the Navy in working with the same kind of study done by Pickford and Lindemann, therefore, Catherine Fitts might really have substantive claims over the issue.

Peterson later confirmed that Fitts did take part in a Navy commissioned project done by the Institute, but he pointed out that strategic planning for extraterrestrial disclosure was never held by the Arlington Institute.

Whatever the US Navy has commissioned Arlington Institute to work on with, certainly Catherine Fitts know some truth about it and if that truth has something to do with extraterrestrials here on earth which is our home, it is only justifiable on our part to know the whole truth about it as well.

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