American Military Interacts With the Tall Whites

Vietnam U.S. air force weather observer, Charles J. Hall, claimed the U.S. army has been communicating of what he called the tall white species for many years.

Mr. Hall said he was working as a weather observer in the 1960s at Nellis Air Force Base in Nevada when he witnessed interactions between a group of strange tall white humanoid extraterrestrials and the military.

Tall whites are depicted as having thin and frail body mass with white skin. They have a tendency to shuffle along while walking and not use a full stride since their bones are frail.

They have twice the size of eyes than humans and placed further apart. The colors of their eyes range from blue to pink with white pupils. Their eyes become pinker as they get older.

Their hearing and vision abilities are better than humans. They are herbivores, so they don’t have teeth. They have small ears, lips and nose, about half the size than humans.

They don’t have hair in the body except in the head, which is thinner than average human hair. Their hair has a platinum blonde appearance and is almost transparent. Their hands look similar to humans, but they only have four fingers and small claw. Their height ranges from 6 to 9 feet. They grow much more in later years.

Mr. Hall said that the tall whites can live up to 800 years. He said that he used to meet tall whites at night in the Nevada deserts. He said that these extraterrestrials were housed at the base and only used planet Earth as a base for their deep-space travel. They had no other motive like colonization or domination in national governments, according to Charles.

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